About the Artist

With provocative perspective and an unconventional palette, artist Pamela Van Sant successfully captures the viewer with her interpretive dramatic scenes. Van Sant takes as her primary subject nature. The unanticipated bold colors and nonconformist angles she employs within her canvases introduce subversive components to the classic florals. The expressive and gestural brushstrokes that define her backgrounds contribute to this sedition as they present nontraditional components of nature. Her unusual selection of a garishly bright color scheme compounded by the intensity of subject matter identifies her desire to promote modern contemplation of the subjects in nature. Van Sant successfully delivers each piece as a dynamic work of art, incessantly daring her viewers to locate the specific nuances of color within nature. She states that her art is inspired by all elements in nature and indeed, the viewer is granted a sense of unique emotion accompanying each piece. With intriguing wit and subtle dynamism, Van Sant’s paintings lure the viewer inside each canvas, telling us a timeless story through pure color. She exhibits her work exclusively on Gulfcoastgallery.com currently. Her artwork is in private collections within the United States and abroad. Pamela Van Sant lives and works in St. Petersburg, Florida.